About Us

Beams was formed by Karen Beales and Beryl Sims, who are both social work professionals with a vast amount of social work experience within Children and Families. Our office is based in Gorleston, Norfolk. Both Beryl and Karen are involved in the day to day management of Beams, contact is today on 01493 751593 Beams Foster Care and Family Services aims to deliver outstanding services and care to children and young people at all times through commitment, dedication and determination to enable them to have high aspirations for their futures. This is our mission that will inform our delivery and practice at all times.

What is fostering?

What do Foster Carers do?
Foster carers provide a place in their family for children who are unable to live with their own parents or carers, providing the children and young people with stability and support. Fostering provides both temporary and permanent (long term) care, sometimes for parents who need support, or for children or young people during difficult times in their lives. Fostered children usually return home after a short period however, sometimes problems cannot be resolved and parents are unable to provide safe care. Children might move from foster care to be adopted, and young people might move on to independent living.
Why should I Foster?
Children and young people need foster carers who are committed and able to provide stable environments. Fostering can be challenging but also very rewarding, if you foster a child or young person you are providing them with the home that they need.
Can I foster?
If you have a spare room and time to spare we would welcome your interest. The fostering task is different for everyone, as everyone's life experiences are different. If you would like to know more about fostering or express an interest to foster with Beams we will happily discuss things further.

Foster for Beams

Foster carers have the right to foster with the agency of their choice, therefore Beams welcomes enquiries to transfer to Beams from experienced foster carers.
Be a Foster Carer for Beams
Be a Foster Carer for Beams

Interested in Fostering? Time to Care?

We look forward to interest, enquires and applications from experienced foster carers and those who wish to start their fostering career.  Being a foster carer for Beams can make a real difference to children and young people. Beams vision is to provide children and young people with a safe secure base to enable them to reach their full potential.   If you think you can foster for Beams and help us provide the safe secure base call today 01493 751593

    Transfer to Beams Foster Care

    Beams supports the Fostering Network Protocol (2014)

    All Foster carers for Beams receive between £430-£675 per week per child, depending on age, in addition birthday, festival and holiday allowance are paid. Children who need a more intensive, specialist placement receive an additional allowance.  

    Beams is a local agency where the directors of the Agency are involved in the day to day activity of the Agency. We want our carers to be and to feel a part of Beams.

    Karen and Beryl can now see that vision coming to fruition. Foster carers who have joined Beams speak of the “child centred way in which the agency works” and say “we love being part of an Agency that knows us and we know them”.

    Carers who have transferred for Beams were surprised as to how easy the process was. "Beams ensured that the whole process went smoothly", said a carer who transferred from another fostering provider. 

      Ofsted Report

      "The agency provides good foster placements for children and young people with a range of needs including some with particularly complex needs. The children and young people have their needs met and their welfare safeguarded and promoted. Placements are stable and any moves are carefully considered to ensure that they are in children and young people’s best interests. This stability enables children and young people to develop a sense of belonging in their foster families and to build positive and beneficial relationships with their carers. They only offer placements for children and young people whose needs they believe they can meet effectively."

      "The assessment process for carers is thorough and is carried out in a timely way, so that potential carers are not lost due to delays. Carers are well supervised to ensure that they provide a high standard of care and to help them find effective ways of working with children and young people. The responsible individual and registered manager are very involved in the running of the agency and know its strengths and areas for development. All agency staff work well with the carers, so that they feel included in the team around the child or young person. This is enhanced by good relationships with the placing social workers and schools."


      Contact us

      And we will get in touch as soon as possible.  

      Karen Beales Registered Manager 07712331340
      Beryl Sims Responsible individual 07712331320

      2A Shrublands Cottages, Magdalen Way Gorleston NR31 7BP
      E-mail: info@beamsfcfs.co.uk Phone: 01493 751593